FGM  Field goals made
FGA  Field goals attempted
FTM  Free throws made
FTA   Free throws attempted
3PM  3-pointers made
3PA  3-pointers attempted
OFF REB – Offensive rebounds
DEF REB – Offensive rebounds
AST  Assists
PF    Personal fouls
TF    Technical fouls
STL  Steals
TO   Turnovers
BLK  Blocks
PTS  Points


G    Games played
GS    Games started
MPG    Minutes per game
FG%    Field goal percentage
FT%    Free throw percentage
3P%    3-pointer percentage
RPG    Rebounds per game
APG    Assists per game
SPG    Steals per game
BPG    Blocks per game
PPG    Points per game
EFF    Efficiency rating    


G    eventsplayed    Games played
GS    eventsstarted    Games started
MPG    min ÷ eventsplayed    Minutes per game
FG%    fgm ÷ fga × 100    Field goal percentage
FT%    ftm ÷ fta × 100    Free throw percentage
3P%    threepm ÷ threepa × 100    3-pointer percentage
RPG    ( offreb + defreb ) ÷ eventsplayed    Rebounds per game
APG    ast ÷ eventsplayed    Assists per game
SPG    stl ÷ eventsplayed    Steals per game
BPG    blk ÷ eventsplayed    Blocks per game
PPG    pts ÷ eventsplayed    Points per game
EFF    ( pts + offreb + defreb + ast + stl + blk − fga + fgm − fta + ftm + to ) ÷ eventsplayed    Efficiency rating

Tablica lige

TF Total poins for
TA Total points against
TDIFF     Total points difference
W Wins
L  Losses
PCT     Win percentage
GB     Games back
PF     Average points for
PA     Average points against
DIFF     Average point differential
L10     Last 10 games
STRK     Current streak

Usporedba pogodaka

PT    Points from turnovers
PP    Points in the paint
SCP    Second chance points
FBP    Fast break points
BP    Bench points
BL    Biggest lead
BSR    Biggest scoring run
TL    Time Leading
1    1st quarter points
2    2nd quarter points
3    3rd quarter points
4    4th quarter points
OT    Overtime points
T    Total points


W     total number of games a team has won
L      total number of games a team has lost
Tie   total number of games a team has tied
PCT percentages of the win, loss and tie record
PF   total points scored by each team
PA   total points allowed by each team
Home number of home games each team has won
Road  the number of away games each team has lost
Div  team division record
Conf  team conference record
Streak  the number of games won or lost in a row
GB  games behind the division leader